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Yan Jiehe Held Talks with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh
     On the afternoon of January 14, Yan Jiehe, founder of China Pacific Construction Group (CPCG) and Susun Group, and Chairman of Zhuangyan Think Tank, met and held talks with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the Prime Minister’s Office in Vietnam. They discussed the political and economic strategies of China and Vietnam and jointly laid out a blueprint for bilateral cooperation. The Prime Minister praised Mr. Yan Jiehe as an extremely thoughtful entrepreneur.
     Yan Jiehe said that Vietnam will hold the key to Asia’s development in the future. He said that CPCG and Susun Group, as newly founded state-owned enterprises, have been selected on the Fortune Global 500 list. With increasingly important political status in China, they are committed to safeguarding national glory and dignity and are expected to become the setters of global standards in this industry. They can rapidly and efficiently deliver high-quality results at low costs and with high satisfaction levels. As leading market players for many years, they are confident to produce better outcomes in Vietnam. It would be hardly possible that the faults once made in China would repeat themselves in Vietnam.
     Pham Minh Chinh strongly agreed with Yan’s analysis of the political and economic situation in China and Vietnam, and highly recognized his constructive suggestions for Vietnam’s infrastructure industry. He required the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Transport and other departments in Vietnam to conscientiously study and introduce China’s successful enterprise construction models such as EPCO and FEPCO.
    Yan said that sound major-country diplomacy is inseparable from people-to-people communication and exchange. He was confident about the close diplomatic relations between China and Vietnam. He believed making friends comes before doing business in Vietnam, and promised to wholeheartedly serve the economic and social development in Vietnam by improving national reality, both positive and negative, in an all-round manner. He also expressed a deep commitment to forge ahead together with Vietnam for a better future.
    At last, Pham Minh Chinh also stated his willingness to work together with China for win-win results and common victory given common cultures and national realities of the two countries.
      The event was reported by the “Current Affairs” program on Vietnam’s central news channel VTV1 at 19:00 on the date of the conference. The country’s national media, including Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Voice of Vietnam (VOV), VietnamTelevision News, and Government News also followed up on the event.
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