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Yan Jiehe Held Talks with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh
Chairman Yan Hao Attended the First China-ASEAN Private Entrepreneurs Summit
Chairman Yan Jiehe was Invited to Attend the China-ASEANBusiness Leaders Forum and Delivered a Keynote Speech
Han Zheng Visited the Stand of CPCG and the Yan Family Attended the Opening Ceremony of CAEXPO
Great Achievements Have Been Made in 2017 APEC Summit
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Yan Jiehe

Founder of China Pacific Construction Group
Chairman of Zhuang Yan Think Tank
Dean of Wu Wei Academy
Yan Jiehe was born at Huai’an, Jiangsu Province in 1960. He has once been a lecturer in politics for ten years, a leader of a state-owned enterprise for ten years and the owner of private-owned enterprise for ten years. He successively held the chairman position of a state-owned enterprise, a foreign investment enterprise, a collectively-owned enterprise, a private enterprise, and made great contributions to over a hundred enterprises. Moreover, he acquired, restructured and integrated dozens of state-owned enterprises of different industry that were close to collapse or bankruptcy. He was awarded national “Shining Star” of China, Top Ten News-maker in Chinese Economy, Top Ten Chinese Outstanding Management Talents, Top Ten Chinese Leading Pioneer in Business, Top Ten Chinese Talented and Intelligent Character, and The Most Influential Chinese Leader in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Yan Jiehe not only founded CPCG , an private enterprise ranking 89th on the 2017 Global 500 Enterprises List, but also initiated the BT model and repackage model in China;he combined Chinese BT model with international PPP model, innovated development strategy to forge the PPP poverty alleviation model, which laid a practical foundation for the application of PPP model in China.
In recent years, Yan Jiehe has delivered thousands of speeches at both domestic and international forums such as APEC, Davos, BoAo and YaBuLi and in prestigious educational institutions including the Wharton School, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Chinese Central Party School, Tsinghua University and Peking University as well as governments, public institutions and major circles of society.

The 19th National Congress of CPC ushers a new stage of socialism with Chinese characteristics and presents new tasks for Enterprises of the Yan Family. In recent years, Yan Jiehe has led the Zhuang Yan Think Tank to integrate resources, wisdom and capital for the development of industry business, financial business and wisdom business so as to forge a system embodied with “nine centers, base and one home”, namely, education center, medical center, treatment center, forum center, exhibition center, business Center, training center, consulting center and integration center; one base for headquarters (branches) of Global 500 and home for successful people. Zhuang Yan Think Tank centers on the modern service industry, driven by the wisdom, culture and education industries to build a city with specialty, characters, scenery and strength so as to achieve Yan Jiehe’s dream of “my city and my university”.


Yan Hao
Chairman of the Board of China Pacific Construction Group
Vice-President of China Chamber of International Commerce
Vice-President of China Private Business Association
Executive Vice-President of China’s Society for Non-State-Owned Economy

Yan Hao, born in 1986 at Huaian, Jiangsu province, is the son of Mr. Yan Jiehe, who is known as “No. 1 madman among global Chinese”. He is an outstanding representative of the second-generation entrepreneurs since reform and opening-up.

In 2009, Yan Hao joined Jiangsu Suchen Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. During his first year at Suchen, he turned this old state-owned enterprise from loss-making to a profit of 80 million RMB, earning him the first bucket of gold.

In 2011, Yan Hao established the Suchen Construction Group and led multiple projects across China. Under his leadership, Suchen Group won numerous awards including “National Construction Enterprise of Customer Satisfaction”, “National Advanced Unit of Enterprise Culture”, “Model Construction Enterprise of Honesty” and “China Steel Structure Gold Award”. In addition, Yan Hao himself was granted the title of “Chinese Outstanding CEO of 2011”. At the end of 2011, Yan Hao took over China Pacific Construction Group. Under his leadership, CPCG has been continuously listed on the Fortune Global 500 companies. Mr. Yan Hao has been named the “Hurun Rich Enterprises’ Excellent Successor”, “Top 50 Influential Chinese Business Leader”, and “Chinese Business Leaders under 40”, due to his great contributions to the company.

Since 2016, Yan Hao has moved CPCG’s headquarters to Xinjiang in response to the “Belt and Road Initiative”, explored business opportunities in Guangxi and Shaanxi as well as across the world, ushering CPCG’s new stage of building the Pacific. On December 5th of the same year, YanHao attended the National Advanced Self-employed Businesses Commendation Conference and was warmly received by Premier Li Keqiang.

In 2017, as a member of the Chinese delegation, Yanhao accompanied President Xi Jinping to attend APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. He promoted cooperation with China Railway International Company to sign a subway contract with the Ukraine government. This has become an example of cross-border cooperation between public and private businesses under the Belt and Road Initiative.

From the family of scholars valuing honesty and integrity to the family of entrepreneurs leading the industry, Yan Hao has been initiating a new pattern of life and career while passing down his family’s intelligence.
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