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The Urban Forest Park of Aksu, Xinjiang
One thousand years after the age of ancient Silk Road, the flow of labor, materials and funds again gathered in Aksu through the strategy of “Belt and Road”, drawing this “Hometown of Qiuci” and “City of White Waters” into an economic network with a huge spatial scale. As a party profoundly participating in the construction of Aksu, Pacific Construction No. 5 Group, with the attitude as a master, is determined to shape this city as a place harmoniously integrating people, scene and industry.
Layout by wisdom and conscience, bravely undertake the trust granted by the government
On June 26, 2018, Aksu Forest Park with an area of about 2,700 mu and total investment of RMB 0.31 billion formally opened, which was constructed by CPCG. On that day, Dou Wangui, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region & Secretary of Aksu Prefecture CPC Committee, Yazi·Aximu, Vice Secretary of Aksu Prefecture CPC Committee & Chief of Aksu Regional Administrative Office, Gao Keping, Secretary of CPC Group of Aksu Prefecture CPPCC Work Committee, Deng Xuanbin, Vice Secretary of Aksu Prefecture CPC Committee & Propaganda Chief, and Ma Guoqiang, member of Aksu Prefecture CPC Committee & Secretary of Aksu Municipal CPC Committee participated the opening ceremony with over 1,000 citizens.

Aksu Forest Park is located at the north of the main urban area of Aksu and the south of the main urban area of Wensu County. 

At the end of August 2017, the project formally commenced. As a comprehensive project, it included various works; there was significant influence as the result of the crossing of different processes; within red lines, there were a large number of fruit trees, civil houses and pipelines that need to be removed. In the park, it was required to plant arbors in multiple varieties and large DBH and with full canopy and soil ball. Local resources could not meet such requirement and a lot of materials needed to be purchased from outside. The transportation distance exceeded 2,000 km in general.

In addition, as a result of the unique natural environment of Aksu, it enters winter in the middle ten days of November. If the construction of those projects which may be greatly affected in winter cannot be completed before that time, the quality and completion of the project may would be negatively influenced. Group leaders settled in Aksu to integrate resources. In the daytime, they guided in person in the front line, and at night, they worked on the spot, corrected problems and put detailed works into practice.
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