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Zhanqian Aveue in Zhaoqing New District, Guangdong Province
On July 18, 2013, Zhaoqing Dinghu Avenue Phase I Project undertaken by CPCG successfully started, marking that CPCG formally entered Zhaoqing, and it opened a new government-enterprise cooperation chapter of being rooted in Zhaoqing and building Zhaoqing.

Zhaoqing Dinghu Avenue Phase I was located in Zhaoqing New District, and the total length of the route was 7.081 km. The project was located in the abdomen of the alluvial plain of Pearl River Delta, where the soil layer was formed by the sludge soil and saturated sand, with rich underground water, and within the entire construction scope, it was the soft soil foundation. Therefore, Pacific Construction No. 15 Group adopted the foundation treatment methods, such as CFG pile, high-pressure jet grouting pile and cast-in-situ bored pile in design, and construction of CFG pile as a new material and new technology was used for the first time within Zhaoqing City.

At the beginning of commencement, Project Department combined the construction technology specifications, collected the relevant construction cases and formulated the special construction scheme, and organized the management personnel to study and receive the training of the mechanical equipment combination, construction technology process and construction quality control to be skilled in the construction technology, which guaranteed the construction progress and quality of project and enabled the CFG pile soft soil foundation treatment to be effectively promoted in the whole scope of Zhaoqing.

At the end of 2014, in order to cooperate with Zhaoqing East Station to be put into operation, Pacific Construction No. 15 Group completed the task of making Xin’gang Road of Dinghu Avenue to the right range of Zhaoqing East Station open to traffic within 90 days after receiving the notice by increasing the personnel and equipment input, adopting the line production, intensifying the process connection and insisting on the “5 + 2” and “white + black” working mode, among which, the temporary construction task of emergency channel and station square of East Station was successfully completed with quality and quantity guaranteed in only 26 days.

On June 22, 2018, CCTV-2 Charming China Column Group went to Zhaoqing to record the development of Zhaoqing from an “Inkstone capital of China” rich in the cultural deposits to the modern metropolis where the new district rose sharply. The Column Group was deeply impressed by the standardized and professional underground integrated pipe gallery of New District Ring Road during the field visit. Finally, the section undertaken by CPCG was selected as framing of the underground integrated pipe gallery in Zhaoqing New District.
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